Park at Governor Dick

Clarence Schock Memorial Park at Governor Dick Environmental Center

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Who was Governor Dick?

As far back as 1880, this mountain was described as 'Governor Dix Hill'.  It is believed that a woodchopper and charcoal burner worked exclusively on the mountain felling and burning trees.  His name was Dick.  Because of the huge amount of charcoal he produced and his popularity, he was referred to as 'Gov-nuh Dick'.  After his death this wooded area came to be called Governor Dix hill.....and in more recent times - Governor Dick.

Who was Clarence Schock?

Between the years of 1934 and 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Schock purchased 1105 acres of Governor Dick Mountain. 

Clarence had started Schock Independent Oil Company with his father that had grown to have 14 wholesale plants and a dozen gasoline service stations.  He believed that after making provisions for his family, his estate should go for the general welfare of the public.  In 1941 he converted his business into a trust and provided that, except for a modest living for himself and his wife, its income should go to public schools in the districts served by his company. 

As early as 1936, Clarence made the mountain available to the public. 

In 1998 Lebanon County & SICO Foundation were appointed trustees of the property.  A board of six directors was appointed to oversee the property.  In 2016 Lebanon County became the sole trustee.