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Clarence Schock Memorial Park at Governor Dick Environmental Center

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Irresistible Outdoor Learning

Why Choose Governor Dick Park?
The programs we provide are focused on the environment.  Through hands-on activities, observation, interactive games and discussion we teach both knowledge of and care for the world around us.

Our flexible and knowledgeable naturalists can design programs of any topic related to the environment to fit the needs of any group or class.  All our programs meet Pennsylvania's academic standards for Environment and Ecology. 

Most of our programs are offered year 'round.  Take advantage of Governor Dick Park's natural beauty at any season of the year. 

NOTE:  Our programs can travel to your location.  Please call the Environmental Center for details. 

Each Research Theme can be 40 minutes-1 hour in length, designed especially for the size of your group and to meet your needs.  The Themes may include:

                   - A period of indoor exploration.

                   - Outdoor investigations.

                   - Hands-on, interactive learning.

                   - Large groups are divided and rotate between stations.


Explore the world of the critters we so eagerly stomp underfoot and discover the important roles they play in the ecosystem.  Understand insect anatomy as you take a close look at these fascinating and usually harmless organisms.


Your researchers will investigate the plant kingdom beginning with pollination, seed types and dispersal, and germination.  Researchers will then hunt for plant species using clues to find a particular species.  We also offer tree identification.


Develop map and compass skills while exploring the forest.  Learn how to be observant and lost proof anywhere you go.


Learn about Pennsylvania's wildlife species and their adaptations and habitat requirements.  Understand the role of predators and their prey in the forest food chain.  Researchers will explore how wildlife adjusts to survive the winter season.


Unravel the mysteries of flight as you explore the world of birds.  Researchers will take a closer look at the feathers, feet, and beaks of these amazing creatures.  Learn about bird songs and explore the woods to find if there are any birds watching you!


Learn your watershed address and what that means.  Explore the importance of our water resources and the role we play in protecting them.


Appropriate for children ages 3 to 5, each Discovery Class is 1 hour in length and involves the active senses of the young child.  Up to 10 children:  $30.00.  Each additional child $2.00  Choose a class from the following:

  • Feet and Tracks
  • Flying Friends
  • Wiggly Worms
  • Humpty Dumpty Hike (using the senses)
  • Tickly, Wiggly Insects


To schedule a program at the Governor Dick Environmental Center....
Upon request we will send you a Program Reservation Request form.  We will then confirm by telephone or e-mail.

Fees:  1 program with up to 25 students          - $  75
         1 program with 26 to 50 students           - $110
         2 programs with up to 25 students         - $125
         2 programs with 26 to 50 students         - $150

Additional students are $1.00 each.  Teachers and chaperones attend free of charge.

Weather: Note that if it rains, we can handle a maximum of 50 students inside.  Programs are available year 'round.

Contact the Environmental Center at (717) 964-3808 for information.  Office hours are Wednesday to Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 1-5 (April to November).  You may leave a message or send an e-mail to