Park users are encouraged to check for trail updates before each visit.  Please follow all posted trail designations and signs for maintenance.  For safety reasons a trail may be temporarily closed while crews are working.

Clarence Schock Memorial Park
           at Governor Dick


FREEZE + THAW = MUD  Cold nights and above-freezing days make the trails slick and gushy.  Pay attention to outside temperatures and please avoid trails that tend to be wet and muddy:  trails 4, the western portion of 5, 12, 13, and 15.  Taking care of the trails will ensure we can use them for a long, long time.

Trail 5 - ​A short stretch of trail 5 is being used by
logging equipment crossing the trail in January.   The trail will remain open.  Please use caution in the area between the parking lot at route 117 and trail 9.