Clarence Schock Memorial Park 
at Governor Dick

                    We are proud to be a Stewardship Forest!

"Forest stewardship is the wise management and use of our forest resources to ensure their health and productivity for years to come.  Stewardship challenges us to look beyond our immediate personal needs so we can leave a living forest legacy for future generations." 

This quote is from a Penn State University publication about forest stewardship and introduces the Forest Stewardship Program that is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Bureau of Forestry.  The goal of the program is to sustain healthy forests for wildlife and for people and provides assistance and education to private landowners.  A forest owner is not told what to do with his forested land, but instead the land owner creates goals that will be reached through sound forest management.  Our forest plan considers soil and water quality, wildlife habitat, recreation and esthetics, biological diversity, and threatened and endangered species.

Our government-approved Forest Stewardship Plan was implemented in 2005 and updated in 2016.  You can review it by clicking on the link below.