The Environmental Center is open Wednesday through Saturday 8 am to 4 pm and Sunday 12 to 4 pm.

The entire park is open from dawn to dusk, only the Environmental Center closes at 4!

NOTE:  Electric bikes, electric unicycles, and electric skateboards are PROHIBITED on our trails.

​Bill Powell photos

We just installed a new water fountain to replace our old one that did not drain well. It has a standard attachment, handicap accessible attachment and dog water bowl! Thank you to everyone that helped fund it, there were lots of donations and we are very grateful to all of you!

Explore the park!

With 16 miles of forested trails, you are sure to lose yourself in nature's beauty.  Take a short walk or an all-day excursion.  Explore the boulders,

climb the tower, or relax on a quiet bench.  Enjoy birds, big trees, wildflowers, and mammals (if you're quiet), and go home refreshed and rejuvenated!  *The boardwalk is completed and open for visitors!

Respect all trails by not using them when they are wet.  Be courteous to other folks out on the trails.  Keep your dog on a leash!  And VERY important - check yourself for ticks after your time in the woods!

 Clarence Schock Memorial Park 
at Governor Dick